Rent a house in Thailand and visit Kite Festival in Cha-Am

In the end of the winter our soul and body thirst for warm sunny days and vacation. Luckily you don’t have to wait until the summer to make your holidays come true. Rent a house in Thailand and go on wonderful vacation.

If you go to Thailand in the middle of March you can participate in Kite Festival that is held annually near Cha-Am. It is fascinating and spectacular event for all the family. If you go on holidays with a big company of people, I advise you to rent a house in Thailand instead of staying in a hotel. I can advise you one nice place near Cha-Am called Baan Talay Samran. Of course you can rent a house in Thailand’s capital – Bangkok, and reach Cha-Am by bus, car or train.

Kite Festival is called “Colouring the sky”. Kite came to Thailand from China. During King’s Rama IV time, kite launching became one of the most popular sports in the country. Nowadays participants from all over the world visit Kite Festival in Thailand. Maybe you also enjoy kite launching, then rent a house in Thailand and come to show your kite.

One of the most popular activities of the festival is competition between men kites (Chula) and women kites (Pakpao). Playing field is divided into two parts. The aim of the competition is to drag rival’s kite to your part of the field. Therefore, Chula kite has special bards and Pakpao has loop. This show of two kites reminds me beautiful dance.

If you are travelling with kids, Kite Festival has to be included in your trip for sure. This year’s Kite Festival you have already missed, but you have enough time to plan your next year trip to Thailand. Rent a house in Thailand and bye flight tickets some 3-4 months in advance and you will get friendly prices.

27 Mar 2012