Billing software in Switzerland

Nowadays invoicing and accounting systems spread rapidly. Large enterprises were pioneers in using e-invoicing. Small and medium enterprises also can’t resist the popularity of billing software. They are able to assess the benefits that they could get from billing software even before using it.  Electronic solutions make business collaboration more efficient and fast. The process of invoicing becomes easier and cheaper, when there are no legislation obstacles for e-invoicing.

The legislation concerning electronic invoicing in Switzerland is stable since 2002. Some additional changes also were made in 2010. Tax administration supports exchanging with electronic invoices and usage of billing software. For providing the authenticity of electronically sent invoices, electronic signature is required.

Switzerland is one of the leaders in using billing software.  They were also the country which started adapting e-invoicing relatively early. In 2012 about 10% of all invoices in business-to-consumer sector are sent electronically. In business-to business and business-to-government sectors the volume of electronic invoices is 10-30%. Electronic invoices are widely spread in such sectors as pharmacy, retail, and finance services. The amount of participants of e-invoicing increases year by year.

The more invoicing programs are offered the easier is to find the most suitable invoicing program for your business. Swiss market provides wide range of billing software and more different business solutions. The only feature that exists between providers of invoicing solutions in Switzerland is low interoperability.

25 Apr 2012